Spark Operator

Operator for managing the Spark clusters on Kubernetes and OpenShift.
spark kubernetes openshift kubernetes-operator

Kubernetes 101

Let's go together through the cloud native landscape and explore all the goodies that may help you to develop scalable and reliable distributed systems. Hopefully, you will leave this talk with basic understanding of Kubernetes and motivated to use it in production.
kubernetes yaml minikube kubernetes-operator

Abstract Operator

Library for creating the operators for Kubernetes and Openshift.
kubernetes kubernetes-operator openshift

Spark Operator @ CNCF Big Data Sig

Brief talk and demo about Spark Operator.
spark kubernetes CNCF kubernetes-operator

Bitcoin Insights

Analysis of Blockchain transaction captured in a project that uses Jupyter notebook with GraphFrames and NetworkX, spark-notebook with GrapX. Notebooks attaches to a Spark cluster deployed in a standalone mode, everything containerized and running in Kubernetes or OpenShift.
Spark Bitcoin data jupyter kubernetes